My life changed in 2017 when I got into a major bike on bike collision. Coming off a bridge, a guy cut the lane, t-boning into me, breaking my bike in half and knocking me out. I woke up in an ambulance with my patella in 3 pieces, my nose broke and dislocated, eye shut and scars and bruises all over my body. I slowly fell into a deep depression.

I wanted to be a best-selling author for nearly 7 years. I just kept telling myself I would eventually get to it and I really believed I would, so I talked about it but I never actually did the work. After the accident, I thought I could write the book while healing but my mind wasn’t right and hasn’t been for awhile. My depression got bad and I contemplated suicide many times.

I knew if I wasn’t willing to make a dramatic change, I couldn’t keep going the way I was, so I made a choice to change my life. In 2018, I left my job and I spontaneously booked a ticket to Costa Rica for 2 months, living completely off-grid, alone on a beach and started on my path of healing. This included reading more than 20 carefully selected books, meditating every morning, eating only fresh and organic food, swimming in the beautiful Pacific ocean everyday, healing my mind, finding out who I am and also writing the first draft of my manuscript.

When I came back home, I spend the next year off social media and working on the next 2 drafts with an incredible editor in New York. My book is complete and I am now in the process of seeing my biggest dream come true. I learned to hack my life. To change it to the life I want and to strive for more.

I feel blessed everyday for that day. My story is just getting started.